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The first two links below are the hardware and software heavies of the computer animation world in my estimation. This is the hardware and software that ILM (Industrial Light & Magic) use for projects like Terminator, Jurrasic Park, Hocus Pocus, etc. Of course this combination is also used for more mundane things like commercials, book design, product design, and so on.

Check out what might be a new machine from SGI:

Pic of new SGI Machine

Found this (along with some specifics) --> over there <--
Was a site found at

Silicon Graphics

Here's a few comic sites. Argon Zark is completely designed and produced on a computer. Spawn is a paper comic (Also became a HBO production and a movie) that a friend of mine has been working with. (Hi Chance!) Check them out, they are both really cool! I'm looking for other sites to add. If you know of some drop me some mail and I'll add it.
o After Y2K! by Nitrozac
o Helen, Sweetheart of the Internet by Peter Zale
o Spencer Green by Peter Zale
o ARGON ZARK Comix - Charlie Parker
o The SPAWN comic - Todd McFarlane
o Spike Webb Detective Stories

This next list are sites that I've found interesting. They usually deal with graphics and design in some way or illustrate the use of computer software to enhance traditional design methods. Some of these will be really different, bizzare, or strange (depending of course on your definition of each term ;) ).
o DreamWeaver WebSite Template sites
Dr. Thaddeus Ozone's Page
(some really cool java script used here)
o Giantess Collages - Stephanie Evans
(An interesting use of Photoshop)

The rest of the links here are to various computer graphic design and raytracing sites, utilities and commercial software. The stuff I like.
o Green Iguana Graphics
o Povray Raytracer Home
o Hensa Mirror
o Povray Pages on the Internet
o Dos Tools - DTA & DFV
o The Cthugha (Kah-Thoo-Gah) Web Page

Unix Graphics Utilities
o Povray Raytracer Home
o Povray as a benchmark
o The GIMP - Unix Photoshop clone
o KAI's Power Tips -> The GIMP
o The Gnome Project & Tools

o Yahoo List of Ray Tracing Sites...
o MetaCreations (Raydream Studio, Bryce, Painter, Poser, etc)
o 3D Studio Max (Kinetix)


oMy Imageso

oraclei.jpg Image
Raydream Studio 5.0

hexen21i.gif Image
Raydream Studio 4.1

rivenb2i.gif Image
Raydream Studio 4.1

ring03.gif Image
Raydream Studio 4.1

hex2.gif Image
Povray 2.2.u

forever.gif Image
Raydream Designer 3.0

goldlk1.gif Image
Povray 2.2.u

fbnbll3.gif Image
Raydream Designer 3.0

play.gif Image
Povray 2.2.u

dag4a.gif Image

Some Personal Background

Since junior high I've been into art and design. I've worked with pencils, chalk, paints and ink. Taking an image from your mind's eye and bringing it to life on paper has always been alot of fun and alot of work. In 1983-84 I was introduced to an Apple Plus and basic programming. I was really getting into computer graphics and animations, rudely created with basic programs. Then I lost access to the Apple but in 1986 I started working with an IBM PC compatible and a program called Dr. Halo. This was my first experience with a real graphics program. But it took so long to create things since I had to use a keyboard to draw with. I had seen Macintoshs of course and tried them for awhile at the university but I couldn't afford one. Who could afford them back then, not me. I worked with Dr. Halo for a short time but finally lost interest and went on to learn more about programming and operating systems. As computers have gotten better and more affordable I've gotten back into graphics and animation. Above are a few things I've worked on recently. I'm still learning to use these new tools and there are alot of tools now.

The last couple of years I've been playing with raytracing and animation. One program in particular that I've really come to like is called Povray (Persistence Of Vision Raytracer). Another program is Raydream Designer and Studio.

Povray is by far my favorite program. It is available for Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Linux, MAC OS (68000 and Power PC) and probably all unix's and even DOS! So far I've compiled it for IBM's AIX, Sun's System V R 4.0, and Digital Unix. The fact that it runs on so many different OS's is what makes it invaluable to me. I've created some animations consisting of more then 400 frames at 640x480. To render all these on one of my 486's at home would have taken more then a year for sure. Well maybe not a year but a heck of a long time. But using the machines at work my first one took a week to completely render on and my second animation took only 20 hours on which has dual 233 MHZ Alpha processors in it. Of course my version of povray only uses one of those processors.

Raydream Studio is a modeler and raytracer for Mac and Windows machines. It has built in animation also. It's alot of fun to use and sometimes I create objects in it to be used in Povray. But to use it to create very long animations would require alot more horse power then I have at home. Above you'll find other links to sights dealing with graphics and animation, check them out, there's something for everyone.

Eventually I plan on putting links to some scaled down versions of my animations. This page is on a new web server that has more space available to be used for large files. My animations are in FLC format for output to TV but the scaled down ones will be FLI and zipped up. Look for them after the beginning of 97 sometime. (Well 97 has come and gone and I've still to find the time to re-create my two animations to a suitable size, I must be experiencing a Y2K problem, the date above will probably be 2097 at this rate).

Thanks for visiting!!!! ---

Clark W. Coffman

Below find a link to an excellant site for backgrounds for Web pages or just for your computer screen.

o Sick Kitten's CatHouse (Great Backgrounds Selection and a very cool site) o

Ace of Space Backgrounds

Ace of Space no longer has free backgrounds but they do sell
a nice set of graphics for web designers and are now a Web Design and Hosting
company. Nice web site if you are looking for hosting or design help.